Sustainability and Social Impact

Using business as a force for good

At Volta Consulting, I am dedicated to embedding sustainability and purpose-led principles into throughout by business.

Volta supports sustainable business practices throughout its entire organisation, from strategy to operations, to its clients. I do so with the view that business can be a force for good. By incorporating sustainable principles and applying a gender perspective to my business and clients, I aim to advance gender equity and empower business owners to lead with purpose and positively impact the community.

Whilst Volta has only been in business for a short time, I have started to define the metrics to measure my sustainability and impact, and I am continually seeking areas in which I can improve. I support and use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in determining how to measure and assess Volta’s impact.

The 17 goals established by the United Nations provide a guiding framework for organisations to develop strategies to achieve the outlined goals. Read more about the UN Sustainable Goals here.

Whilst all goals are important and interrelated, Volta focuses primarily on the four below goals:

Volta Consulting is Carbon Neutral

I am proud to share that Volta achieved carbon-neutral status in FY2022 with the help of Trace. Our carbon offset supported the Mount Sandy Conversation in South Australia. You can read more about Volta’s status here.

The year in review

An essential element of incorporating sustainability and a social impact lens in business is measuring, assessing and evaluating it. Moving forward, Volta will use these measurements as a baseline to continually aim to improve the outcomes for the benefit of the community.

Below is a summary of four areas Volta chose to measure in its first six months of operation. These areas align with Volta’s values of Sustainability, Gender Equity, Inclusivity, and Community.

Volta Consulting defines a women-led business as an organisation where a female, or person who identifies as female, owns 50% or more. A women-led business is an organisation that has a female, or a person who identifies as female, leading it, for example, the Managing Director, Chairperson or CEO.

Where to next?

In the upcoming year, Volta will continue to measure and evaluate the above areas. In addition, Volta aims to focus on and improve upon are:


inclusivity of marginalised groups and/or individuals


continue its journey to a certified b corporation


deliver educational resources to improve women's economic empowerment


increase its focus on women-led and women-owned businesses

Don’t hesitate to contact Narelle if you have questions about Volta’s sustainable business practices or social impact.