Small business mentoring services

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Build clarity and confidence into your next steps with collaborative business mentoring and tailored strategies to grow your purpose-led business

Business mentoring services that turn your ideas into strategies

Whether you are a sole trader who’s started thinking about the next stage of your business growth. Or you’re ready to map it out, start implementing and scale to the next level. You’re probably not short of ideas…

Deciding which ones to prioritise for strategic development – and why – is where it can get tricky. Happily, that’s exactly where I am in my element.

 ‘Volta Consulting added structure to my haphazard plans for my business. Narelle was really patient in explaining concepts to me and I’m so happy with the results.’

Ellen, Digital Manifesto

Business mentoring services for every stage of growth

My unique skill set combines 13+ years of commercial knowledge, insights and practical small business management experience – with a passion for aligning profit and purpose.

I’ve seen every stage of business growth and I know that, along with excitement, each one brings a few challenges. 

Introducing a fresh set of experienced eyes, like mine, can give you the clarity to create a strategic plan – then take your next steps – with confidence.

My small business mentoring sessions are ideal if you need 1:1 support with:


Validating new ideas to improve or scale a sustainable, purpose-led business


Developing clarity about your business direction so you can make informed decisions about the future with confidence


Building a business using a strategy that aligns profit with purpose to create positive social impact as you grow


Assessing the different internal and external elements of your business, to identify opportunities for improvement, growth or both


Pivoting your business into new areas and mapping out the key milestones ahead


Building a team to support your growth


Ongoing accountability that supports and motivates you to work towards and achieve your business goals

1:1 Small Business Mentoring Services



1 x 60-min consult

$375 + GST

Take a deep dive into 1-2 of your most pressing business issues during this collaborative 60-minute session.

With my detailed analysis and practical advice, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and an action plan you can follow.

Your mentor intensive session includes:

♦ a tailored video call with me (60 minutes)

♦ my summary and action plan

♦ 7 days of email or Microsoft Teams support after the session



3 x 60-min consult

$995 + GST

Plan your goals and stay on track with this budget-friendly bundle of 3 business mentoring sessions.

You can use each session for a standalone topic or use the bundle for one bigger challenge or goal. Together we will discuss your situation, brainstorm ideas and devise a tailored strategy. So you are ready to take your next steps with clarity and confidence.

Each mentor session in your bundle includes:

♦ a tailored video call with me (60 minutes)

♦ my summary and action plan

♦ 7 days of email or Microsoft Teams support after the session

♦ a gentle nudge in between sessions to keep you on track


3-month mentoring program

$2,995 + GST

My Karri program is ideal for you if you need a business mentor to support you through a specific stage of your business. That could be scaling, a change in how your business operates or even an ongoing challenge you are working to resolve.

Together we will devise a tailored Action Plan for your business and work through it together. With plenty of touchpoints across our 3 months, this program helps you feel supported as you move forward.

The Karri program includes:

♦ 4 x a tailored video call mentor sessions (60 minutes each)

♦ a recording of each session

♦ 3 x check-ins in between monthly sessions (20 minutes each)

♦ a detailed Action Plan following our first session

♦ an update of your Action Plan following each subsequent session

♦ weekly motivational nudges to keep you on track

♦ unlimited support via email or Microsoft Teams for the term of the program.

Karri can also be purchased in three monthly instalments of $1,100 + GST.

Can’t find exactly what you need here?

I can tailor a mentoring package to align with your specific goals. Let’s chat!

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A quick hello from your business mentor – Narelle Wilson

I have a background as a business consultant – but that can sound a bit formal and inflexible for small businesses… My role as your business mentor is to work together, with you, to find the best solutions for your business.

My collaborative approach to small business mentoring:

 – combines your in-depth knowledge of your business and my 15+ years of successful small business management experience

– reviews what’s already working for you and explores new opportunities and improved effeciencies

– helps you create a tailored strategy to grow your purpose-led business

I can help you develop the clarity to identify new opportunities and the confidence to make decisions that move you closer to all your goals… Plus a practical actionable plan to take you there.

Whatever the age, stage or size if your purpose-led business, if you’re ready for a more strategic direction… Get in touch

The Volta Consulting difference

Volta Consulting is bridging the gap between profit and purpose to improve the world – one small business at a time.

There’s been a long-held belief that it’s up to big business or government bodies to fix problems, create social impact and drive change. 

As Volta’s founder, I am shaking up the status quo. 

Many small business owners understand they have the power to create a positive impact on the community or environment in which they operate. But they’re not sure what to do, or how to get started – they’re seeking guidance. I  launched Volta Consulting to help with that.’

Volta offers new perspectives and practical strategies to build profitable small businesses that drive social change. AND create a positive impact in the world.

‘Globally, 94% of consumers said it is important that the companies they engage with have a strong Purpose…’


Global Study Reveals Consumers Are Four To Six Times More Likely To Purchase, Protect And Champion Purpose-Driven Companies – 17/06/2020

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