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Financial strategy consulting for your small business

Running your business without a financial strategy is like taking a road trip to a random destination. You think you know where you’d like to end up, and why – except… You don’t have a map or any idea if there’s enough fuel to get you there.

When you have a financial strategy for your small business, the way ahead becomes clear. 

Your initial data helps you identify the positives and negatives of your current position. And you have transparency about your running costs.

This leads to clarity about your cash flow and the direction your business is taking. And allows you to plan next steps for your business that align with your purpose. 

My diverse commercial experience means I can help you with all aspects of your financial strategy. 

I spent over 11 years managing the financial strategy for a large investment fund. So, I’m competent using a range of financial tools such as three-way cash flow forecasting and budgeting. 

You can trust me to make the complex details of a financial strategy accessible to others with less passion for numbers. And to connect financial strategy with purpose.

 ‘Narelle’s willingness to learn about our goals and plans meant that we were getting a solution tailor-made for us, not something ‘off the shelf’. As a small business owner focused on looking for growth, we were looking for someone to help us navigate the waters of financial strategy and future development. We found that in Narelle. Knowing that she is there with us over the next years as we enact this strategy gives us great confidence.”

Jocelyn, Jocelyn Seamer Education

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Small business financial strategy packages

I’ve developed a range of financial strategy consulting packages to give you an understanding of your business’s: 







You can select one of the pre-designed packages below. Or ask me to create a tailored package to suit the specific needs of your small business.



from $2,450 + GST

12-Month Financial Strategy

Suitable for the business who is

Seeking to implement a budget and track your cash flow for transparency, identify cash flow shortages, meet statutory requirements, and achieve your short-term business goals.

We work together to develop and implement a 12-month financial strategy for your business to provide clarity and comfort that you are maintaining a sustainably profitable business.

♦ Initial Zoom meeting (60 mins)

♦ 1st draft Zoom meeting (60 mins)

♦ Video walkthrough of the final strategy

♦ Summary of Strategy

♦ Detailed month-by-month budget for a 12 months

♦ Detailed month-by-month cash flow forecast for a 12 months

♦ 1 round of amendments

♦ Budget uploaded to Xero for future monitoring

Payment plans are available; reach out to find out more.


from $3,750 + GST

3-Year Financial Strategy

Suitable for the business who is

Seeking to scale or grow and requires an understanding of its current position and needs a detailed roadmap for achieving its business vision over 3 years.

We partner to develop a 3-year financial strategy for your business.

This package includes an analysis of your short-to-medium-term goals, considering how decisions impact the financial capacity of the business and ensuring more productive use of your cash.

♦ Initial Zoom meeting (60 mins)

♦ 1st draft Zoom meeting (60 mins)

♦ Video walkthrough of the final strategy

♦ Summary of Strategy

♦ Review of business vision and short-to-medium-term goals

♦ Pricing review of up to 4 services

♦ Detailed month-by-month budget for a 3-year period

♦ Detailed month-by-month cash flow forecast for a 3-year period

♦ 2 rounds of amendments

♦ Summary of KPIs to be tracked

♦ Initial 12-month budget uploaded to Xero for future monitoring

Payment plans are available; reach out to find out more.

**Payment plans are available. Contact me for details**

Value Add Services

For those times you need extra support, I also offer the following additional services:

♦ Monthly updating of budget to actual and cash flow forecast ♦

Business Mentoring Services

♦ Pricing strategy review ♦

Bookkeeping packages

Let me help you tackle your short to long-term goals of financial growth with confidence and clarity.

The Volta Consulting difference

Volta Consulting is bridging the gap between profit and purpose to improve the world – one small business at a time.

There’s been a long-held belief that it’s up to big business or government bodies to fix problems, create social impact and drive change. 

As Volta’s founder, I am shaking up the status quo. 

Many small business owners understand they have the power to create a positive impact on the community or environment in which they operate. But they’re not sure what to do, or how to get started – they’re seeking guidance. I  launched Volta Consulting to help with that.’

Volta offers new perspectives and practical strategies to build profitable small businesses that drive social change. AND create a positive impact in the world.

‘Globally, 94% of consumers said it is important that the companies they engage with have a strong Purpose…’


Global Study Reveals Consumers Are Four To Six Times More Likely To Purchase, Protect And Champion Purpose-Driven Companies – 17/06/2020

Need help developing a financial strategy to manage the next 12 months
of your business with confidence and clarity?

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