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‘Our research found that global consumers are four to six times more likely to trust, buy, champion and protect those companies with a strong purpose over those with a weaker one.’

2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study


Until now, small business consulting services like Volta have focused on strategies to drive profit. But purpose? Not so much.

So, chances are, you’ve already thought about aligning your small business with a purpose that drives social change. But you shelved the idea because…

Adopting a sustainable profit-for-purpose business model, without specialist support, can look like a lot of extra work. And expense. 

Especially if you’re not sure about the impact one small business with a purpose can really have.

Well, here’s the thing… 

Small businesses like yours make up 97% of the approximately 2.4 million businesses in Australia. 

Even if 50% of them choose to align profit with purpose and become more sustainable – the potential for social impact is massive. 

 ‘Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.’

~ Howard Zinn

Grow a more sustainable small business one step at a time

You don’t need to tackle everything at once to start growing a more sustainable small business. If you’re already clear about purpose, a simple first step could be a review of your operational choices, asking questions like:

  • What is my bank’s track record on the issues I care about? Financial institutions act when enough of their customers demand change – or leave

  • Do my current suppliers have values that align with mine? Simply asking the question can trigger positive change in the broader community

  • What can I do next to grow in a sustainable, purposeful way? Hopping on a free call with me will give you some insight…  

Want to explore the possibilities ahead for your small business? Let’s chat…

Hi, I’m Narelle Wilson – experienced small business mentor and founder of Volta Consulting

I’m shaking up the status quo for purpose-led business owners across Australia. So that building a profitable business with a positive social impact – can become the norm – not the exception.

With 13+ years of hands-on small business management, I’ve worn more than my fair share of commercial hats, which means…

Working with me is like hiring a whole team of specialised small business consultants – without the conflicting goals and perspectives, or the cost.

You only deal with (and invest in) one person – me.  But you gain access to a broad range of business skills, experience and knowledge that will help you build a sustainable small business, where:


your financial and social goals can co-exist -

as equal partners


you combine profit and purpose to drive social change -

like advancing gender equity or protecting the environment


positive impact for all stakeholders matters -

from your employees and clients, to your local, national, even global community

 I work with purpose-led small businesses all around Australia but home, for me, is beautiful Boorloo (Perth), situated on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja (Whadjuk Noongar Country)

Ready to build a financially sustainable business that creates positive impact? Let’s chat

Cafe window with the words 'wake up. kick ass. be kind. reparat' written on it.

 ‘Narelle has been supporting and helping me navigate the financial world of a new start-up. She is building my confidence to keep going with her efficiency, skill set and also lovely personality.’

Pauline, BioBarcode Australia


My long term vision for Volta Consulting is to make sustainable business practices more accessible for all Australian small businesses.

Business Mentoring

Transform your vision into a plan. Receive an objective review of your current challenges, future goals – or both – from an experienced small business consultant and mentor who specialises in collaborative, tailored and sustainable solutions.

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Plan the next steps for your business with confidence.

Get more clarity about your cash flow and the direction your business is taking.


Stay on top of your numbers and you’ll stay on top of your business performance.

Choose a bookkeeping package to suit your business needs and budget.

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‘Do you want to be a leader that looks back in time and says you were on the wrong side of the argument when the world was crying out for a solution?’

~ Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand